Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 2

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Jose Fernandez


Kluber @ Moore – I’d wait and see on Moore before using him.

Cain @ Fernandez – Not waiting on Fernandez though…he goes right in.

Liriano @ Ryan

Arrieta @ deGrom

Garza @ Billingsley

Gallardo @ Gausman – Not fully trusting Gallardo in this matchup, but recent results demand pitching him.

Miley @ Boyd

Scherzer @ Banuelos – Perfect game alert on DEFCON3 vs. depleted Braves.

T. Ross @ Cooney

Gibson @ Young

Rusin @ Hellickson

Elias @ Kazmir

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you should’ve said want to see more from Moore

Jimmy Rollins was dropped, I Have Ahmed and Holt as my MI would you drop either for him?

Rollins has been a longtime favorite of mine so maybe I’m just biased, but despite the fact that he’s been terrible this year, I’d still take him over Ahmed.


Who do I drop to make room for Jose Fernandez? (QS instead of W) – Samardzjia, Quintana, Lackey, or Kazmir? (Already have Kershaw and Carrasco)

I’d lean towards Lackey but it would be great if you could trade one of those four for an offensive upgrade rather than dropping one for nothing. All of those guys have a decent amount of mixed league value.


In 12 team points league Guy wants to trade me Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Staton, Aybar Casillo for Desmond, Alex Gordon, Hosmer, Lackey, Jamie Garcia

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