Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 3

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Julio Teheran


Koehler @ Hammel

Peavy @ G. Gonzalez – Hard to trust Gio at this point, particularly vs. a good offense.

Bauer @ Morton – Sticking with Morton at home.

Archer @ Tanaka – A bad start here will get me MUCH more worried about Tanaka than I am right now.

Hutchison @ An. Sanchez

Straily @ Masterson

Fiers @ Lorenzen

Morgan @ Teheran – If you won’t start Teheran vs. the Phillies, cut him.

Richards @ C. Gonzalez

Jimenez @ Danks

Milone @ Guthrie – There’s risk here but Milone is on a tear.

Cashner @ Wacha

Happ @ Chavez

Kendrick @ C. Anderson

Syndergaard @ Kershaw – The Dodgers can hurt ya, but gotta go for it with Thor.

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The Dodgers aren’t even top 10 in runs scored this season.

In 12 team points league Guy wants to trade me Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Staton, Aybar Casillo for Desmond, Alex Gordon, Hosmer, Lackey, Jamie Garcia. I don’t like it, what do you think?

Hard to say without more league info but since Stanton is far and away the best player in this trade, if you can afford to wait for him to come back, I don’t think the price is unreasonable at all.


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