Updated PoD Category Chart (7/22)

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Zach here,

I had planned on posting an updated Pitch or Ditch category chart during the week before the All-Star break. But then I figured that it would be better to wait until this week, after the post-break rotations get set. So I consulted with Cory, and sure enough, he agreed.

OK, enough talking. Here’s the PDF:

PoD Chart 7-22-15

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chart, this is something we started doing a few years ago (special shout out to longtime 411 fan Big Barry for the framework of the idea) to help guide you not only in your Pitch or Ditch decisions but also in knowing whether or not dropping a certain pitcher would be a mistake.

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers into five groups: Aces, Grads, PoD, DTM and Indifferent.

Aces: Fairly straightforward. Elite starting pitchers with the track record to prove it. Aces should be started 100% of the time, regardless of the opponent or the venue.

Grads: Not quite ace-caliber but also not worth dropping under any circumstances. Grads should be started 99% of the time. Or maybe 96%.

PoD: These pitchers do not deserve a permanent roster spot but should be picked up and started in favorable matchups. If their next matchup is not so favorable, feel free to drop them. Some PoD guys could earn Grad status if they string together several consecutive strong outings.

DTM: DTM pitchers are guys that we might have once liked but have repeatedly let us down to the point where we’ve had enough of them and will never pitch them again, no matter what.

Indifferent: Pitchers who are just not that good and should not be rostered.

***Note that this chart is geared towards standard 12-team mixed leagues.

And here are the changes we’ve made since the last version from early-June:


Cole grad to ace
Santiago PoD to grad


Zimmermann ace to grad
Pineda ace to grad
Haren grad to PoD
Fister grad to PoD
Colon grad to PoD
Ventura grad to PoD
McHugh grad to PoD
Simon POD to indifferent

Agree? Disagree? As always, feel free to comment on our choices.

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Heston ….Grad?

Getting very close. Either way, you’re obviously not dropping him right now. The question is how long can he continue pitching at this level.


That actually looks pretty good to me for the pitchers you’ve mentioned.

Who do you think will not only be dealt by their current club (pitchers, duh) and will either find themselves moving up or down due to that change of venues? I’ve been thinking on that, but since you have already defined markers, would you be interested in commenting or even writing an article on that? Trade deadline Nostradamus’ing is fun, but this adds an element of extra fun to the situation.

Reply or ignore as you wish. LOL

Whether it’s here on the blog or on the MLB fantasy page, there will definitely be content on this topic, especially in the day or two leading up to the deadline and the day or two following it.


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