Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 24

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411 Midseason All-Surprise Team

411 Midseason All-Disappointment Team

Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (7/22)


Jonathon Niese


J. Williams @ Lester

Scherzer @ Locke

Verlander @ Porcello – Verlander cannot be trusted right now.

Quintana @ Kluber – Not giving up on Quintana.

Thomas @ Niese – Tough matchup for Niese but equally tough to sit him.

Tillman @ Archer

Kazmir @ Guthrie

Pineda @ Hughes – Playing it safe with Hughes here.

Banuelos @ Cooney – Cooney a decent play in deep mixed/NL-only leagues though.

DeSclafani @ Butler

Nelson @ Corbin – Nelson a toss-up but D-backs are scoring a lot of runs at home. Still in wait and see mode with Corbin.

Lewis @ Tropeano

Hutchison @ King Felix – Hutchison (flu) a question mark to make this start.

Haren @ Cashner – Favorable matchup for both.

Chavez @ Peavy – Chavez has been inconsistent lately, but he’s coming off one of his better outings of the season.

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If you needed a 5th or 6th starter with losses and quality starts which one of the following would you be most willing to add?

Heston, Samardzja, Nola or Latos?


Losses and quality starts are categories in addition to the normal 5 of course..sorry

Samardzija, due to a combination of track record and upside.


I’m torn over Kazmir. I own him and love him, but I think I’m going to sit him for this one. A few reasons: He has an unsustainable 0.47 ERA for the month of July; his ERA on the road this year is close to 4; the Royals are a top 8 offense in MLB at home and top 3 in the AL this month; and there’s the wild card factor– it’s too hard to calculate the emotions of pitching for a new contending team 24 hours after being traded. I don’t fault anyone who starts him though. I’m just looking at this differently.

Totally understandable, and all pitching decisions need to be made with the context of your specific league in mind. It’s just hard for me to bench a guy with a 2.38 ERA, 1.09 WHIP and close to a strikeout per inning.


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