Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 11

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Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (7/22)

Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 8/10


Yovani Gallardo


Graveman @ Hutchison – Rogers Centre is a no-fly zone for PoD.

W. Perez @ E. Ramirez

S. Wright @ Nicolino

Rusin @ Harvey

Severino @ Carrasco – Good second test for Severino after impressive debut.

Jungmann @ Haren

An. Sanchez @ Ventura – Sounded good on Opening Day, buuuuttt…

Santiago @ Rodon

Gallardo @ Gibson – Gallardo’s K-BB rate is a hard ditch right now.

Locke @ C. Martinez

Buchanan @ Hellickson

Tillman @ Walker – I’ll say pitch on both, but not watch the game.

Lorenzen @ Rea

J. Ross @ Greinke

Kazmir @ Bumgarner – Stay up late!

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well Ive been trying to trade for a 2nd closer since Axford lost his job and was offered S Casilla for Hanley and Souza…..I don’t know if that would be to much to give up and is Casilla a lock for closer at SF?

Waaay too much to give up. Hanley alone should get you a top-tier closer. Casilla’s job security isn’t very high right now.


worth dropping Trumbo for Bradley Jr or will Bradley go back to minors when Betts returns?

Trumbo or Choo for Bradley Jr or stay put……traded Hanley away for Street..would Axford be a drop?

I’d pass on Bradley. Yes, Axford would be a drop now. I think you could’ve done better than Street for Hanley.


last one….is Valencia worth a pick up

For who? Not a big believer in Valencia though.


Hey Zach – I hope you are doing well. Please pick one for ROS in a 10 team, h2h, mixed league: Joe Ross, Marco Estrada, or R.A. Dickey?

Thanks in advance.

Rich D.

I’ll go with Ross. Smaller sample size but I really like what I’ve seen from him, last night’s start notwithstanding.


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