Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, August 12

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Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (7/22)


Kevin Gausman


Gausman @ Iwakuma Gausman’s latest clunker scares me away from this one.

Iglesias @ Shields

Nola @ Ch. Anderson

Feldman @ Heston

E. Rodriguez @ Conley

Brooks @ Dickey – Brooks has been fantastic but the Jays are en fuego.

Wisler @ Odorizzi

J. De La Rosa @ deGrom

Sabathia @ Salazar CC too erratic to trust vs. decent offenses.

Garza @ Hammel Hammel struggling since All-Star break but I’m hangin’ with ’em.

D. Norris @ Volquez

Heaney @ Danks – The White Sox have the #1 team OPS in MLB since the break?!

N. Martinez @ Pelfrey

Cole @ Wacha niiiice

Zimmermann @ Kershaw – Someone’s slump is about to get a lot worse.

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What are your thoughts/reasoning behind not pitching Edinson at home against norris. I’m streaming strictly with sights set on a win. Potential ratios blow up? Not all that nervous about Detroits bats or Norris holding down the KC bats. Thanks for always doing this bud.

Your reasoning makes perfect sense. I guess it’s just that we never trust Volquez since a blowup seems to always be right around the corner, and though the Tigers offense is weakened following the trade of Cespedes and with Miggy out, it’s still not sub-par.


I have J Peterson for MI would you drop him for Gyorko?

No. I don’t trust Gyorko yet.



When thinking about keepers how much do speed specialists play into your decision?

For example : would you keep both Dee Gordon and Billy Hamilton to ensure that category next year or would you go for these guys?

Troy Tulowitzki
Buster Posey
Miguel Cabrerra
Nolan Arenado
Andrew McCutchen
Mike Trout
Carlos Gonzalez
Jose Abreu

My best Pitchers are Kluber and Carrasco so I think my best bet is keep all hitters. We keep 5. Which 5 would you keep at this point?


I also have lorenzo Cain if that makes a difference


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