Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 20

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Charlie Morton


Peavy @ Morton – Peavy coming off his worst outing since return from DL and I just don’t trust him. I’ll take a chance on Morton at home, where he’s 4-1 with a 3.25 ERA this season.

Duffey @ M. Gonzalez – Gonzalez a toss-up but he’s been inconsistent lately.

Tomlin @ Nova – Nova fresh off strong performance vs. Jays.

M. Perez @ Simon

Duffy @ Miley

Corbin @ Lamb – Corbin has been solid of late.

Williams @ Hand

Foltynewicz @ Arrieta

Archer @ McHugh – McHugh seems to be back on track.

Scherzer @ Flande

Quintana @ Tropeano

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with pick up of Utley is E Hernandez a drop?


On my keeper question the other day you said you would keep Abreu and let miggy go back. Im just curious if it’s an age thing or do you just thing miggy is in decline now or injury prone? I’m just struggling with letting miggy go. One of the extra categories ifor that makes a difference.

Also I was wondering if you think it might be smart to try and deal some of those offensive guys for a great pitching keeper like Kershaw or bumgardner?


Sorry my typing on my phone was atrocious. The extra category is strikeouts.

It’s extremely tough but yes, age/health was a big factor. I do like the idea of trading for an elite SP keeper to diversify things a bit and maybe that would make the keeper decision easier.


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