Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 25

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Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Article – Week of 8/24


Josh Tomlin


Keuchel @ Nova – Astros rank 14th in AL in both runs scored and OPS in August.

Syndergaard @ Williams

Shields @ Strasburg

Weaver @ Simon – Weaver pitching well since return.

Bettis @ Foltynewicz

Al. Wood @ Lamb – Wood no sure thing but Reds rank last in NL in runs scored this month.

Peralta @ Tomlin – Peralta coming off poor performance. I’ll play it safe here. Tomlin has been impressive so far and Brewers offense is middle of the pack at best.

Big Erv @ Karns – Erv is too risky. Karns is worth a shot.

Morton @ Hand – Morton is back on track.

Buehrle @ Holland – I don’t like the matchup for either.

M. Gonzalez @ Duffy

Miley @ Quintana – Miley a decent deep league option in favorable matchup.

Garcia @ Ray

Chavez @ Montgomery – I still don’t fully trust Chavez.

Arrieta @ Cain

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My lead is down to 1 game over a hot team….with all my injured players lately thinking of dropping anyone who isn’t in a starting line up for the day for another who is….dropped some good pitching to go with a pitcher that day….dropped Richards for Morton today….also thinking of dropping Wong for either Marte(sea) or Hernandez(LA)

I wouldn’t do it. But then again, I’m not in your league, so maybe it’s not a crazy idea given the situation.


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