Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 28

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Raisel Iglesias


J. Gray @ Liriano – Hard to trust Gray coming off blowup vs. Mets.

Conley @ Scherzer

Kennedy @ Nola – Kennedy is 4-2 with a 2.27 ERA since the All-Star break.

Boyd @ Dickey

Owens @ Harvey

Volquez @ E. Ramirez

Heaney @ Bauer – Giving Heaney a pass for his last start since it was vs. Blue Jays.

Tanaka @ W. Perez

Gausman @ Hamels – Gausman a bit risky but he’s been solid lately.

Iglesias @ Jungmann – Five straight quality starts for Iglesias. Jungmann fading of late.

Kazmir @ Gibson

Walker @ Danks – Who knows what to expect from Walker. I’ll pass.

S. Gray @ Ch. Anderson

Hammel @ Kershaw

Wacha @ Leake – Nice matchup for Leake in his Giants home debut.

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10T h2h 15×15 no cost keeper, I’m prospecting for my next “1 or 1A”…(1) How would you rank these top down for keeper value; (I’ve listed them as I see them now);
-Steven Matz, -Yordano Ventura, -Raisel Iglesias, -Carlos Rodon, -Joe Ross, -Taijuan Walker, -Taylor Jungmann …………(2) Do you think; Rodon has turned the inconsistency corner and…has Walker mostly ceilinged (2012,13 he was touted ahead of Fernandez and Cole, but he hasn’t bloomed like that, would you still wait?)?. As always, thanks for your insight.

There’s a lot to like about all of these guys and they’re all so young, so I’d remain patient. There’s plenty of room for improvement. Ranking them is tough at this stage, but I’d say Matz, Ventura, Rodon, Ross, Walker, Iglesias, Jungmann. Not nearly ready to say that Walker has already reached his ceiling. He’s only 23.


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