Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 1

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Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 8/31 


Yovani Gallardo


Corbin @ Flande (Gm 1)

R. De La Rosa @ Kendrick (Gm 2)

Smyly @ Tillman

Co. Anderson @ Estrada

Nicolino @ Banuelos

Pineda @ Porcello

Harang @ Niese – Gotta like Niese at home, even vs. resurgent Phillies.

DeSclafani @ Haren

Sale @ Duffey

Verlander @ Cueto Verlander has allowed only 1 ER in his last 4 starts!

Cole @ Nelson

Elias @ Feldman

J. Ross @ Gonzales – Ross only has 2-3 more starts before being shut down.

Shoemaker @ Martin – Shoemaker’s last start doesn’t convince me.

Bumgarner @ Greinke

Gallardo @ Cashner – Good matchup for Gallardo, poor K-BB notwithstanding.

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I know the sentiment is late, but I just want to tell you how ECSTATIC I was when you guys put the band back together this season, and with more regularity than in recent years, in its almost original form (originally you were live for an hour), self-formatted, and self-scripted, like a live Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, without the overproduction and limitations that MLB Network placed on you, muddying the waters much like the overproduction and excessive reverb that Kansas used on their remake of Carry On Wayward Son, and ZZ Top used on remakes of classics Tush and LaGrange muddied those classics. Sometimes you just can’t improve on the original, and you guys are better off without the glitz and glamour of TV, and the time and format restrictions it places on you. I am just as disappointed that you passed the torch to someone else, especially as “early” as you did, but I guess I can understand, that even the best slow down with age, much like the years when Roger Clemens didn’t start pitching until June. Not that I am accusing you guys of using illegal substances, but I wouldn’t out you if I found a used needle with your DNA in an old empty beer can. GREAT job on the podcasts this year, and PLEASE don’t hang ’em up for good yet, you guys are still at Hall of Fame performance level, Plus, I still need you’re advice and information to help me win leagues in the future, like it has in the past, and possibly, hopefully, this year (I’m still in the championship hunt in ALL 4 leagues I’m in). Thanks for a great podcast season.

Being that I’m in one of those leagues, I don’t think I’ll be giving you any more advice:-)


hey well I need to win this week to have a chance to win my division which I blew a 3gm lead in past 4 weeks….so would you start Rollins vs Bumgarner or E Escobar vs Sale? Leaving Peralta in cause sure he will play 2nd game of double header…..also start Coghlan vs K Davis or Moss?

dropped B Moss for Wilin as Rosario is batting 4th for Colorado today……benched Grandal for him?

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