Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 8

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Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (9/3)


Raisel Iglesias


Weber @ Nola – Great bounce back opportunity for Nola.

Gausman @ Tanaka – Still not trusting Gausman in tough matchups like this one.

Harvey @ Zimmermann

E. Ramirez @ Boyd

Jungmann @ Conley – Gotta keep trotting Jungmann out there.

Liriano @ Iglesias – Seven straight quality starts for Iglesias.

Dickey @ Owens

Carrasco @ Rodon – Liking what I’m seeing from Rodon of late.

Gibson @ Volquez

Hammel @ Wacha – Not giving up on Hammel despite recent inconsistency.

Hudson @ Ch. Anderson

Kazmir @ S. Gray

Kershaw @ Heaney – Heaney a bit risky here but I’ll go for it.

J. Gray @ Rea

Hamels @ Walker – Walker the ultimate risk/reward play. Use your league standings as the deciding factor.

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Is Carlos santana a drop? Also if weiters or grandal are both out Tuesday again which one would you drop to pick a different catcher. Since its playoff time want a full active roster. Could also drop yelich to open a roster spot

No, Santana is not a drop. As for Wieters vs. Grandal, I’d drop Wieters. Grandal has been the slightly more productive hitter when healthy.


Hey Zach –
I have Kris Bryant at 3B. My OF is Calhoun, Pollack, Eaton, and Fowler. My Cs are Gattis, Schwarber, and Martin. Longoria just became available. Would you dump Martin, add Longo and move him to 3B, and then move Bryant to the OF?
Rich D.

Wow, sounds like you’ve got an embarrassment of riches there! I don’t have much of a problem with that idea, though the decision on which OF to bench isn’t easy.


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