Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, September 19-21

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Updated Pitch or Ditch Category Chart (9/3) 

Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 9/21 


R.A. Dickey



Wacha @ TBD (CHC)

Pineda @ Syndergaard

Nicolino @ Zimmermann

Corbin @ Leake – Leake hasn’t been great lately but I’ll give him a try at home.

Miley @ Dickey – Dickey is 7-1 with a 2.98 ERA since the All-Star break.

W. Chen @ Ramirez – Not sold on Erasmo.

Volquez @ Boyd

Rodon @ Carrasco – There will be no shortage of K’s here.

Smith @ Jungmann – I don’t trust Jungmann.

Richards @ Gibson – Gibson has been solid in September (2.91 ERA) but the Angels roughed him up back in July.

Eickhoff @ Weber – Tasty matchup for Eickhoff.

S. Gray @ Kazmir

Nuno @ Hamels

Erlin @ Flande

Liriano @ Kershaw


R. Hill @ Buehrle – Pitch Buehrle if chasing wins though.

Medlen @ Simon

Danks @ Tomlin – Favorable matchup for Tomlin, who has two CG’s in his last three starts.

Gausman @ Odorizzi – Gausman 11 IP, 1 ER, 12 K over his last two starts.

Nola @ Teheran – Favorable matchup for both.

Hand @ Strasburg

DeSclafani @ Pena – DeSclafani an intriguing play in deeper leagues though.

Shoemaker @ Duffey- I’ll play it safe with Shoemaker in his return outing.

Brooks @ McHugh – Sticking with McHugh for now.

C. Martinez @ Lester

King Felix @ Holland – Sticking with Holland too.

Hellickson @ Hudson

Cole @ B. Anderson – Anderson 3 ER or less in each of his last six starts.

Shields @ Kendrick

Sabathia @ Harvey


Samardzija @ Ryan – Samardzija barely even worth a roster spot in 12-team mixed leagues.

Jimenez @ G. Gonzalez – Gio seems to be righting the ship.

Warren @ Price

E. Johnson @ Wolf – Johnson not a bad option in deeper leagues though.

Archer @ E. Rodriguez – Rodriguez is on a roll.

Miller @ Niese – Miller has been shaky of late but I’ll hang with him.

Peralta @ Hammel – I’ll give Hammel another chance.

Weaver @ Keuchel – Weaver has dominated the Astros this season (2-0, 1.71 ERA in three starts).

Lamb @ Garcia

Burnett @ J. Gray

Chacin @ B. Anderson

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10 team Keeper league 7×7 extra categories are losses and QS for pitching and TB and K’s for hitters. We keep 5.

My keepers are going to be

Trout, McCutchen, Posey, Arenado and ( Abreu or Gordon )

Keeping 5 means there will not be any really reliable pitching to draft and I am not sure even with those keepers that I can win next year if my number 1 ends up being Carasco or something. Would you consider dealing trout for an ace?

I have offers of Scherzer, Sale, and Possibly Bumgarner or Kershaw.
I am thinking about it just because even though Trout has had a good year overall he had a long period where he wasn’t doing much other than hurting me by striking out so much and he hasn’t had a stolen base since the all star break.

What do you think?


For Kershaw, I’d consider it. Otherwise, I’d look into dealing one of your other hitter keepers for a slightly lesser pitcher. But I wouldn’t settle for anything less than an ace in any trade scenario. Otherwise, just go ahead with the five hitters.


Hot tip- don’t look now but Tori Hunter is absolutely on fire right now. He’s been left for dead in some of my leagues because of the dreadful 2nd half, but all of the sudden he’s hitting the ball like Zeus.

I haven’t heard anyone talk about IP limits lately, and I know at one time, the boys said it doesn’t matter when you run out of innings, because one way or another, you want the best 1500 (or whatever your limit is) innings possible, whether you run out on the last day, or two weeks early. But the downside of running out early is that you can’t adjust your strategy based on the categories you need. For example, in one of my leagues, there is a 5 way dogfight in the wins category, but there is also another point to be had in saves. I have 60 IP left. I could blow out my innings now and just hope for the best, or strategically wait and see what happens in each category, to see if I can maintain my position in wins (the wins category goes 101, 97, 97, 96, 95, I have 97) and try to get that point in saves (I have 4 closers and am 2 saves behind the next guy), or if I should just give up the point in saves and blow out all my innings with a week and a half to go so I can go for the wins. This could be a championship-deciding choice, as I currently lead with 84.5, the next three teams are at 82, 81, 78. Fingernail biting time.

Yeah, that’s a good point, and I hate to say it but there’s really no clear cut right choice. I’d still lean towards using your best pitchers and not worrying too much about running out of innings too soon. The other thing that often happens is that pitchers (especially those on playoff teams) either get their final start skipped or maybe pitch five innings, so you don’t exactly know what you’re saving the innings for. I’d rather use the quality innings now than be forced to use them on mediocre guys during the final few days of the season.


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