Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 8

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Taijuan Walker


Severino @ Zimmermann

Eickhoff @ deGrom

Salazar @ Danks

Rea @ Lyles

Archer @ Tillman – Need to see more than two dominant innings from Tillman.

Kelly @ Stroman

Liriano @ Simon

Garcia @ Wisler

Feldman @ Ch. Anderson

Big Erv @ Ventura – Erv looked pretty good in his abbreviated first start, but I’ll play it safe in this matchup.

Hammel @ Ray – Ray is too risky here, and though I’m not super confident in Hammel, I’ll say pitch.

Griffin @ Shoemaker – Shoemaker could become a viable PoD option soon.

Surkamp @ Walker – I have high hopes for Walker this year.

Stripling @ Cain

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I have Joe Smith (0 holds) on LAA in a league that counts holds. Should I drop him for say, Boone Logan, who already has two?

I’d stick with Smith. He’s simply the more consistent pitcher. I wouldn’t base my decision on number of holds one week into the season.


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