Zach’s Two-Start Pitcher Notes – Week of 4/18

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Hey everyone,

As is the Friday custom, here’s a sampling of my latest two-start pitcher article. For the complete version, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

12-team mixed leagues

Jerad Eickhoff (vs. NYM, @MIL)

Coming off a dominant outing against the Padres in which he tossed seven shutout innings while striking out nine, Eickhoff should take advantage of a pair of favorable matchups in Week 3. Heading into Thursday’s games, the Mets rank last in the NL in runs, batting average and OPS and Eickhoff pitched fairly well against them in his first start of the season, allowing two earned runs across five innings. As for the Brewers, they rank in the bottom third of the Senior Circuit in both runs and batting average. The 25-year-old righty, who registered a stellar 2.65 ERA and 1.04 WHIP across eight starts in his first taste of the big leagues last season, should be considered a must-start for next week.

Deeper mixed leagues

Chase Anderson (@MIN, vs. PHI)

Anderson has yet to allow an earned run through two starts this season, and both of those outings came against upper-tier offenses in the Astros and Cardinals. His schedule eases up considerably next week, as the Phillies and Twins rank 23rd and 30th respectively in the Majors in runs scored entering Thursday. Anderson’s inconsistent big league track record and modest career strikeout rate limits his appeal to deeper mixed leagues for now, but it might not be long before he emerges onto the 12-team mixed league radar.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE

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Teheran and Severing have been dropped in my 12 team mixed league. What are your thoughts on them moving forward?


Both are deserving of a roster spot in a 12-team mixed league, so both are quality additions despite their inconsistency thus far.


Ok but would you pick them up and drop Matt Moore or Mat Latos, who I feel are my weakest pitchers, even though they are performing well?

I’d add Teheran for Latos. Seems strange now to do this but long-term I think Teheran will be the better option.


Joc Pederson…drop? Is either D Jennings or Werth or Melky Cabrera worth a pick up

I’d stick with Pederson over those other OF’s.


Dropped Fielder for Tomas in 12 team league? Fielder has only DH and U eligibility and he’s not hitting and Tomas has OF and 3B. Was Fielder worth holding onto. Thx

Absolutely do not drop Fielder!



I was with you on Kluber being ace status again even after the down year last year because of his awesome spring outings and of course I trust your judgement but his last start of the spring has seemed to carry over in his first 3 starts of the season. Do you still think he will turn it around to become an ace of a fantasy staff? He’s my number 2 behind scherzer in a 10 team roto league and some other staffs are much better than mine so I really need him to turn it around in a big way.


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