Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 7-9

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Yankees Orioles Baseball



Price @ Eovaldi

Kershaw @ Dickey

Griffin @ Pelfrey – Griffin has been outstanding so far but this matchup scares me.

Locke @ Wainwright – Wainwright continues to be mediocre but I’m still not ready to give up on him.

J. Gray @ Cueto – Gray coming off gem but he needs to show more consistency.

G. Gonzalez @ Hammel

Kennedy @ Co. Anderson

Hahn @ M. Wright – Hahn worth monitoring but this isn’t a great matchup.

Miller @ Teheran – Shelby cannot be trusted against any team, even the Braves.

Nelson @ Finnegan – I’ll take a chance on Finnegan here.

Big Erv @ Sale

Hellickson @ Koehler – Favorable matchup for Hellickson but he’s too risky.

Karns @ Keuchel – Karns fared quite well against the Astros back on 4/26 (7 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 6 K).

Colon @ Shields

Odorizzi @ Weaver


Stripling @ Estrada

Volquez @ Tomlin – I will never trust Volquez.

Guerra @ Lamb – Keep an eye on Lamb but I’m not comfortable starting him just yet.

Nola @ Nicolino – This could backfire but I’ll take a chance on Nicolino in favorable matchup.

M. Perez @ Verlander – Could be 2-1 or 10-9. Pass.

Corbin @ Foltynewicz – Corbin has been shaky at times this year but I do expect him to pitch well here.

Graveman @ Tillman – Tillman’s last two starts: 2-0, 0.66 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 18 K’s in 13 2/3 IP.

Duffey @ Quintana – Duffey a decent option in deeper formats.

Iwakuma @ McHugh

Cole @ Wacha

Roark @ Arrieta – Might seem crazy to bench Roark right now but he’s due for regression and this is a very tough matchup.

Moore @ Tropeano – I’m still a believer in Moore. Tropeano? Not so much.

Butler @ Samardzija

Harvey @ Cashner – Cashner a toss-up but I’m going to err on the side of caution.

S. Wright @ Severino – Wright is on a roll and Yankees offense is in a funk.


An. Sanchez @ Strasburg – Too much downside to starting Anibal in this matchup.

Young @ Nova

Peralta @ Fernandez

S. Gray @ Buchholz – Buchholz fresh off his best overall outing of the season but he still worries me.

Niese @ Straily – Straily remains strictly a deep-league option.

M. Gonzalez @ Lewis

Vargas @ Lester – Monitor Vargas but this isn’t the spot to pitch him.

T. Wilson @ Berrios – Challenging matchup for Berrios but I like what I’ve seen thus far.

Kluber @ Fiers

Bradley @ Chatwood – Definitely consider Chatwood in deeper leagues though.

Matz @ Kazmir

Moore @ King Felix

Ar. Sanchez @ Peavy

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If you had to pick one, Kazmir vs Matz or Moore vs tropeno, who would you choose?

I picked up L Martin for speed. Him or Maybin when he returns?

Martin. Poor AVG aside, five homers and five steals cannot be overlooked.


Currently have Tomlin who I dropped Ventura for. Would you keep him as 6th starter or drop for Karns or Chatwood

I’d take Karns over Tomlin.


Should I drop Ventura for Anibal Sanchez or Shelby Miller, or not at all?

Stick with Ventura for now. He’s struggled in his last two starts but prior to that he was easily the most productive pitcher of the three. Sanchez and Miller have been shaky all season.


Is Rodon a keep or a pitch and ditch. Is he better than Tomlin or Karns

Yeah, he’s still a keep. Definitely better than Tomlin and I’d give him the edge over Karns as well.


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