Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 17

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Carlos Rodon


Simon @ Salazar

Blair @ Nicasio – Blair strictly an NL-only option until further notice. Great matchup for Nicasio.

Chen @ Velasquez

Miley @ Jimenez – Miley has been decent lately but this is a tough matchup.

Archer @ Stroman – Archer continues to disappoint but if you own him, you still have to play him.

Hughes @ Pelfrey

Scherzer @ Syndergaard – Strikeouts galore!

Hendricks @ Ch. Anderson

Keuchel @ Rodon – Close call on Rodon but Astros lead the Majors in strikeouts, so I’ll go for it.

Porcello @ Ventura

Bettis @ Garcia

Pineda @ Greinke

Hamels @ Hahn

Weaver @ Kershaw

Bumgarner @ Rea

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I usually allways take advice on pitch or ditch without questioning anything but today I do have a question.

With my league having losses as a counting Stat do you still take a chance of pitching Archer against Toronto?

Hopefully you can get to this question before game time tomorrow. Thank you.


I’d lean towards yes but it’s certainly understandable if you choose to sit him vs. Stroman. Close call, though I would hate to miss one of those 10 K games!


I do not understand why you have not said anything about Keuchel and the horrible year he has had so far. He has a 2-6 record and an ERA over 5. Yet, you still recommend we pitch him? You haven’t even mentioned any caution regarding him that I can remember. Why not?

I tend to give pitchers coming off Cy Young seasons long leashes. Maybe too long, but that’s just how I manage my teams. Track record over a larger sample size is very important to me.


any consideration for Hahn vs TX in deep 12 team mixed? hes in today over surkamp…

He was decent but not great yesterday. I need to see more before I can comfortably recommend him in 12-team mixed leagues.


I was offered Carlos Gomez for Ozuna, what you think?

Pass, and I would’ve passed even before Gomez landed on the DL. I think I’ve just about given up on him entirely for this year.


Hey Zach –

Please rank these OFs for ROS based on all categories: Puig, Calhoun, Ozuna, Denard Span, and Melvin Upton.


Rich D.

Puig, Ozuna, Calhoun, Span, Upton.


Hi Big Z, what’s wrong with Pineda this year? See you aren’t pitching him today, his K/BBis look like usual, HRs are just killing him. I know he’s been doing this a few years now, are HRs allowed a skill and he just doesn’t have it? Same could be said for Matt Moore.

I wish I knew exactly what was wrong with him but he’s been just way too hittable. One skill that I think is often overlooked is command within the strike zone, and that seems to be the issue here. This could also explain the home run problems. Not walking guys is great, but if the ball isn’t going where you want it to go, things could get ugly.


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