Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 14

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Brandon Finnegan


Eflin @ Stroman – Favorable matchup for the struggling Stroman but he’s still too risky right now for 12-team mixed league purposes.

Lackey @ G. Gonzalez

Tillman @ Price

Finnegan @ Teheran – Ideal matchup for Finnegan versus the lowest-scoring offense in the Majors.

Taillon @ deGrom

Walker @ Odorizzi

Zimmermann @ M. Gonzalez

Tomlin @ Young – I still don’t trust Tomlin.

Fister @ Garcia – Fister pitching very well but this matchup is too dangerous. Playing it safe with the recently inconsistent Garcia.

Eovaldi @ J. De La Rosa – Staying away from Eovaldi here.

Maeda @ Bradley

Big Erv @ Chacin

M. Perez @ Surkamp – Four straight quality starts for Perez and I like this matchup.

Koehler @ Pomeranz – Favorable matchup for Koehler, who has been solid of late.

Garza @ Bumgarner

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