Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 16

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CC Sabathia


Straily @ Wisler

Paxton @ Snell – Tough matchup for Snell but I’ll go for it.

Lewis @ Mengden – Favorable matchup for Lewis.

Happ @ Nola

T. Wilson @ E. Rodriguez – Playing it safe with Rodriguez, who has been shaky in each of his last two starts.

Nicasio @ Colon

Sabathia @ Gibson – It’s time to finally give CC a chance as he will be facing a Twins team that ranks 14th in the AL in runs scored.

Verlander @ Duffy – Three straight quality starts for Duffy but he’s more of a deep-league option in this matchup.

Guerra @ Kazmir – Guerra a little risky though.

Roark @ E. Johnson

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I’ve really been trying to hold out hope that McCutchen is going to start playing like we know he can but it just hasn’t happened. Is it time to start panicking? My outfielders are Trout, McCutchen, Cain, Bradley Jr, Fowler , and Chris Davis is also outfield eligible. Which 4 of these guys would you play on a daily basis? I’m currently in 1st place but my lead is dwindling away quickly with all the K’s and lack of Homeruns lately. Davis I picked up 4 days ago and has helped in the HR department but has also hurt me in ks

Please help.


I wouldn’t necessarily be panicking but I also don’t have a problem with you benching McCutchen for the time being while starting those other OF’s. And be careful about accepting a low-ball trade offer for McCutchen.


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