Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 21

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Matt Moore


Urias @ Strasburg – Urias too risky in this matchup.

Tillman @ Sabathia

Koehler @ Eickhoff

Garza @ Liriano – Liriano has pitched better of late but I still don’t trust him.

Duffey @ S. Wright

Cashner @ Wainwright – Cashner more of a deep-league option for this one.

Pelfrey @ Shields – I’d rather not chance it with Shields in not so favorable matchup.

Foltynewicz @ Bettis

Moore @ S. Gray – Moore has registered a 2.00 ERA over his last four starts and the A’s rank in the bottom third of the AL in both runs scored and OPS.

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Trade Eric Hosmer while he still has value? He has been simply dreadful since the end of May, batting .259 with 3 HR, 16 RBI, 19 Runs and 0 SB over his last 42 games. I’m not even taking into account all of April when he was just a two category player. Aside from a period in May, he has essentially reverted back to the player he was in 2014. I have to pinch my nose from his stank every time I look at my roster. Since we’ve seen him drift into oblivion before…I’m thinking sell now, no? It would be one thing if the ceiling for power was higher with this guy, but it never has been.

Can’t hurt to see what you can get for him but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to move him and accept a low-ball offer. He’s probably never going to be a 30-HR guy but at the end of the year, we’ll likely be looking at a .290-18-85-85 line. and there’s value in that. I guess I’m just skeptical that you’re going to get a good enough return. Many of your league mates probably feel the same way you do about him.


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