Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 4

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Bartolo Colon


Kennedy @ Smyly – Kennedy coming off stellar bounceback outing. I still have a hard time trusting Smyly.

Santiago @ Clevinger – Challenging matchup for Santiago in Twins debut. I’ll pass.

Leake @ Finnegan – Leake has not been sharp of late but I do like this matchup.

Moore @ Velasquez – I’m expecting big things from Moore the rest of the way.

Quintana @ Zimmermann – Taking a chance on Zimmermann despite it being his first start back.

Colon @ Eovaldi – Colon’s ERA since the All-Star break is a disappointing 4.91, but the Yankees offense is not so scary these days, ranking 28th in the Majors in OPS this season.

Hahn @ Nolasco – Keep an eye on Hahn though.

Griffin @ Miley

Vogelsong @ Jenkins

Happ @ Fiers – Fiers way too risky here.

Maeda @ Chatwood – Chatwood pretty much an automatic sit when at home.

Pomeranz @ Miranda

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